Where to find inspiration?

If it happens to you that you feel like you stuck, it can look bad. Sometimes situation can look just hopeless. The good news is, big change is just around the corner.

If we realise that we stuck and don’t know what to do next, that’s surprisingly good. It means that we’ve already asked right question and now are seeking an answer. It means that we’ve already made first, most important step in right direction.

I’ve found myself in such situation several times and I’m sure there will be more. But it is possible to handle that. All we need is inspiration. Solid kick to move forward. Let me share 10 ideas how to get unstuck.

  1. Make a list of ideas. Have no ideas? Try other points and come back to making list later.
  2. Read books. It boosts imagination.
  3. Try something new. Completely new. If you work in the office, try painting. If you’re an artist, try new sport. Anything to break daily routine.
  4. Change your usual environment. Find new places and meet new people. Visit your friends living far away. This was one nice place to be:Bridge
  5. In need of big changes? Move to other city or other country.
  6. Change your job. Or get another one. Or start your business. Try at least some new tasks in your current job.
  7. Do something for fun. What I did once, was writing funny post: True reason for starting business is… I got also a few funny items for my shop (Men’s Underwear).
  8. Find something new to learn. If not new, then deepen your knowledge in your favourite area.
  9. Think what you wanted to do as a child or teenager. Do it. Be sure to leave comment here what was that 🙂
  10. Surprise someone.

I think I tried all above. I also believe that if anything else could be inspirational, it’s worth trying. I’m going to find it if I haven’t already.

Trying some unusual music can be also inspirational:


3 Replies to “Where to find inspiration?”

  1. This is a great post. Have definately felt like I’ve been in the position of feeling stuck. It’s good that you’ve written some ideas for when you feel like that. Will definately use some of these if I feel like it again. Xo

    Liked by 1 person

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